Lanchid 19 Design Hotel Budapest - view on the Danube

Budapest Design Tour? Ready to go!

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Yes, next week I’ll go to Budapest! I’ll finally visit the most beautiful city on the Danube (as they call it) and the city of thermal baths!
As usual, lots of time spent browsing online, many suggestions of friends and bloggers and so many (secret) pins on Pinterest 🙂

Our personal guide in Budapest!

Custom Tour Budapest  - private tours in Budapest
This time I’m not doing everything by myself. There’s a person who is helping me in organizing our trip and she is Judit, professional tourist guide for Budapest 101 (you’ll find her on Instagram and Facebook with Adam!). She’s helping me in creating a customized tour on the basis of our interests (ehm… I should say my because “he” still doesn’t know what I’m preparing… sssshhhht!)
An example? Look at  this post on some of the budapest cafès with interesting restrooms and toilets 😀

Lanchid 19 – Budapest Design Hotel

The featured image on the top shows one of the suites of Lanchid 19, the design hotel we’ll stay at. No, unfortunately we won’t sleep in that marvellous suite with stunning view on the Danube and a-bathtub-bigger-then-our-home but… it’s ok.
The Lanchid 19 is an award winning design hotel known for its interiors and even in the standard rooms you can find some of the best iconic products (such as the Panton Chair) or made in Italy chairs (for example by Moroso Company).

While browsing and searching for interesting things about Budapest and Design I’ve discovered something I didn’t know!

Did you know that…

1. Every year there’s the Budapest Design Week? Well, me I didn’t know it (if I knew it I would have organized the trip in that period!!)
More info?
Budapest Design Week 2015


2. Budapest is the european city with the bigger concentration of thermal springs?
More than 100 springs apparently, and 10 are the biggest and most famous ones. Open every day and often at night for the traditional “spa parties” (or “sparties” as I’ve read somewhere on the web).
Still don’t know which one we’ll visit but I am tempted by Rudas Thermal Baths, a turkish structure that dates back to 1550 but has been recently renovated by hungarian design studio  Ivanka (great suggestion of Judit, thank you!!)
Rudas Baths Budapest - Terme Rudas
3. Budapest Google Offices have been designed being inspired by the thermal bath culture of the city? Thery’re gorgeous, have a look!!

Design by Graphasel Design Studio – Post originale e le altre foto > qui


Budapest design tour

It’s not so easy to find so many news about Budapest and interior design, so Judit’s help is very important to me. For example she told me that most of the interior design shops are located in Kiraly Street, and there are also two original fairs during the weekend: WAMP (more design oriented) – Erzsébet square – and Antik PlaCC (maybe more vintage oriented?) -Anker’t area.
I’ve then downloaded an iPad app (design Map Budapest) with some interesting suggestions and addresses. Born for the Budapest Design Week, it gives some advices on original cafès, vintage shopes, interior shops and places like these.
More details and suggestions that I’ve found:

A design tour of Budapest  by  Only Apartments

Many design related addresses in Budapest – by Welovebudapest.com!

Ok, think I’m quite ready to leave.
Still one thing missing, the one I hate most: packing the bags!


My online research about historical toilets has dramatically failed but @welovebudapest tweeted me this marvellous picture 😉

Mi sono sempre occupata di arredo bagno, passando dalla produzione di box doccia alla gestione di uno showroom. Oggi per lavoro scrivo, di arredo bagno e non solo, su questo e altri blog di interni. Radici napoletane, occhi da orientale e un posto nel mondo da trovare.

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